Vintage Fashion and Shoes

Bettie Page. Pin-Up Girls. Rockabilly. 1950s. Dita Von Teese. Las Vegas.

Those are all words that describe the retro-chic fashion store Tatyana Boutique that finally opened its doors in Toronto this past month. Gracing its presence along the fashionable strip of Queen Street West, Tatyana Boutique provides the modern woman a touch of retro class.


The boudoir decor and the Andrews Sisters playing on the sound system sure did lure me into the store, but the jaw-dropping element was certainly the dresses. Dresses everywhere! Fabric, pattern, colours, styles. I could have spent hours in there trying on every item, including their itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini (okay, there were no yellow polka dot bikinis, but they did have them in red and blue!).


And then the Shoe Section happened.

I fell in love. Deeply in love. And that love came in pink, black and mint green. Naturally of course, I went for the mint green:


These adorable shoes are part of the Ione collection from B.A.I.T.  (which stands for But Another Innocent Tale, discretely inscribed on the insoles). Not only are they every inch of cuteness, they are super comfortable!


Bottom Line: I shall boogie-woogie my way back there again after having dipped my toe (literally) into Tatyana’s wonderful world of vintage class, just in time for their cozy & chic Fall Fashion line.

Visit to gush over their fun and flirty clothes, accessories and shoes, or if you are intrigued to visit this fab establishment I speak of, head on down to their store!

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