Vintage Belly Dancer Halloween Costume


This year’s Halloween costume was inspired by this vintage photograph of a burlesque belly dancer from the 1910s. If you are the creative type and enjoy making a costume VS. waiting in line at busy Halloween stores – or if you’re like me and you leave costume planning at the last minute and find yourself scrambling to put something together on October 30th at 10pm – this costume is easy to achieve. It was especially easy for me to achieve because I already had all the necessary items in my closet.

For this look, I picked out a whimsical flowing skirt, a coin scarf that I’ve had from my belly dancing class days, an Arabian/Indian tunic I got from Winners years ago, a coin belt that I wrapped around into a head piece and a feather hair clip I got at Aldo Accessories from years ago. And of course, there’s the jewelled shoes. I wore these gorgeous beauties during the day but I changed into nude ballerina shoes for the evening party (it was raining and I didn’t want to ruin my treasured footwear. A gal’s gotta do what a gal’s gotta do.)


For makeup, this costume is all about the eyes. Dark, smokey, sultry. I used Too Faced “Boudoir Eyes” eyeshadow palette to create a grey and taupe smokey eye, with of course black liquid eye liner and black mascara, and I finished off the look with my all-time favourite dark lipstick: MAC’s “Rebel” lipstick.  Et voilà!



Bat those lashes and shimmy the night away 😉

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