Wonder Lashes On a Budget


What’s better than finding an amazing mascara? Finding an amazing mascara that costs $3.99, that’s what! Essence Cosmetics caught my attention when they came out with their Babushka blush. Not only did I find their makeup line to be creative and unique in their themes, I also found their products to be impressively affordable. Putting aside the exterior aspect of the Essence brand, the interior is what makes it even better. The quality of their budget-friendly makeup is just as great as a high-end product. I was amazed at this Get BIG! Lashes Volume Curl mascara. It does just what a mascara is meant to do: lengthens, curls and accentuates flirtatious glances.


I’m not sure if my years in marketing made me a bit more keen on the design and packaging of consumer items, but I will admit hands down that the main thing that caught my eye about this mascara is the Comic Book / Superhero look of the mascara packaging. I mean really, that’s the reason I decided to get it in the first place. And alas, this mascara does indeed live up to its Wonder Woman-esque vibe and totally kicked-ass.

Wonder Woman

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