How to Spruce Up An Old Headboard

I went on a mini road trip in the Dunnville/Cayuga area for a relaxing weekend with my girlfriends. We drove by an antique store and naturally, I wanted to check it out. I find that there’s something more authentic about going to small town antique shops versus going to antique shops in Toronto. It’s not to say that the items found in Toronto antique shops aren’t authentic – I just mean that the experience of walking into small town Mom & Pop antique shop just fits with the small town vibe. There just happens to be a lot more variety of “country” related treasures when you’re out in the country. Also, it’s much cheaper. And, you can haggle easier.


As we perused around the old typewriters, picnic baskets, Coca Cola bottles, tin boxes, old radios, tea sets, chairs, frames and a whole bunch of mason jars I spotted this iron headboard. Scratched, and mint green. I wanted it. $30 later, my friends helped me lug it back to the car and I couldn’t wait to bring it back home and see what can be done. I did have an idea in mind.


Back at home, after washing it and scrubbing it really well, I was ready to dress up my headboard and add a bit of sparkle to an old beaten up headboard. I wrapped some white string lights around it to create a contrast of rustic and glam. I now have whimsical and calming starry lights glittering over my head.


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