“Jar of Happiness”: Budget Friendly Gift Idea

The Holiday season does not mean you have to break the bank and in my opinion, Christmas isn’t even supposed to be about the overconsumption of mass materialistic goods. There are many creative and thoughtful ways to show someone you’re thinking of them during the Christmas season. This year in particular, my thrifty juices flowed and I decided that I would make my friends gifts. Nothing fancy or spectacular, just a little something cozy that I know they would enjoy. I packaged them in what I decided to name “Jar of Happiness”.

What is a Jar of Happiness, you ask? Basically, I spray painted mason jars in gold and I filled them with classic Christmas goodies: caramel popcorn, mint chocolate, toffee, Ferrero Rocher, bubble gum and caramel candy. If I had more time (and more polished baking skills), I’d bake Nutella cookies and fill the jars with that because that in itself is the definition of happiness. Of course you can fill these jars with whatever you know would make your friends happy, hence the name and concept of these jars. I stuck to good old fashioned food items because what is food if it’s not happiness?

So in total, it took about 2 hours of my time on a Sunday afternoon and in the end I spent $67.00, divided amongst twelve friends. My Jars of Happiness cost $5.58 each but the smile on my friends faces were priceless 🙂

Here’s 5 simple steps on how to create your own Jars of Happiness:

1.Spray paint mason jars gold (or any colour of your choice)


Make sure to prime the mason jars first with a primer spray. I ordered a case of 12 mason jars from Walmart for $7.77

FullSizeRender (84)

Once done, let them dry over night in a ventilated area

2.Create a “Jar of Happiness” label

IMG_7665I thought these cute sticker labels fit perfectly and I wrote on them using a permanent white marker. I used a hot glue gun to stick the label to the top of the mason jar lid. 

3.Fill up the jars with goodies

IMG_7832This is the fun part! Feel free to customize the jars to your friends’ liking. For example, one of my friends is obsessed with Nibs so I replaced the caramel popcorn with Nibs, etc. 

4.Personalize the jar with individual name tags

IMG_8794You can add your own personal message on the other side of the tag.

5.Add a festive ribbon


6.Spread the happiness!


And there you have it! My friends were quite happy with it and they all said they will use their mason jar for other purposes, either for storage or for decoration. See, happiness is contagious.

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