Baby Shower Ideas For a Baby Girl

When my best friend’s sisters were organizing her baby shower, I asked if they needed help and they gladly put me in charge of decor. Here are some simple ideas of how to spruce up a baby shower for a baby girl!

  1. Banner


Cute and colourful banner to add some colour

2. Balloons


Even more fun if the balloons are labelled in another language! This one in particular is in French since my best friend and her husband’s background is French Canadian

3. Baby Bottles Filled With Candy


I filed up these adorable baby bottles with my friend’s favourite candy

4. Mom-to-Be Sash and Future Grandma Buttons


A fun way to adorn the glowing Mom-to-be and a thoughtful way to make the future Grandmas feel included

5. Cupcakes


I wasn’t in charge of the food, but I thought these adorable booties and teddy bear cupcakes were perfect. It would be even more adorable if they were mini-cupcakes! 

6. Diaper Game


Add a little bit of humour with a fun diaper game for guests! This was a bit of a last minute idea, so I wrote out the sign the day of, but if it was planned earlier I would have printed the sign and put it in a frame

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