Easy DIY Floral Letter

Floral letters are all the craze right now.  They are fun, feminine and they can be as unique as you want them to be. As part of a gift for my best friend’s daughter’s baptism, I wanted to make her a floral initial so she can add to her nursery.

I wanted it to be a little different from the stand-alone initials, so I found a “C” initial in a tin letter (C is for Chloe!) and a wooden bloc to glue on the initial. I got both of these at Walmart.

I then picked up a variety of bright flowers from the Dollarstore, choosing different colours that could be used to contrast and also blend. All you need to assemble this together is a glue gun, and a bit of patience.


I cut off the flowers that I wanted to use (I saved the rest of the other flowers for other projects) and I laid them out first without gluing them to create the pattern I wanted. After being satisfied with the pattern, I glued each flower with my glue gun. Side note: if you have rubber gloves or a tweezer, use that to press down the flowers because pressing down flowers against steaming hot glue gun with your bare finger may burn. Yes, that happened.  But it was all worth it!


And there you have it! Your very own budget-friendly flower initial that you could hang on a wall, a door or simply display on a bookshelf or dresser.

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