Fall Decor for Small Spaces

If you’re a decor enthusiast like myself, then you must get excited when the seasons change because it entices you to decorate your home with seasonal embellishments. And you most likely love decorating especially during the Fall season so you can nest a cozy abode to retreat to as the air becomes crisper and the daylight ends sooner.

If you live in a small place though, some of the challenges of seasonal decorating that you might come across is finding the space to add all these embellishments. Believe me, I know how hard it is to resist picking up all the beautiful pieces you see displayed invitingly at Michaels or HomeSense. But as adorable as that squirrel candle holder is, where will you realistically put it in your 700 square foot condo? Sometimes you just gotta learn to put the squirrel down and walk away.

Some things to keep in mind

If you’re lucky, you’ll have a storage locker or garage where you can keep your seasonal decor stored away in boxes and switch between seasons, but even at that, try to remember to prioritize the storage space you have. If your three boxes of Christmas decorations are taking away the space you need for your camping gear or travel luggage, maybe you might have to re-prioritize. Also, when you think about all the boxes you need to bring up/down and the things you have to unpack/pack, it might encourage you to steer on the side of simplicity.

Being  a DIY budget-friendly thrifter definitely helps in keeping things on the minimal by igniting ideas to craft decorations yourself, or to creatively modify existing items that you already have. Switch your tulips for dried wheat in your existing vase or replace your lemons with mini pumpkins in your existing bowl and you’ll see you don’t need to spend money on a whole new centrepiece.

I get it though. All those beautiful decorations in the stores are tempting and at times, overwhelming. Just try and see beyond the lustre of that initial attraction and stay realistic with yourself by working with what you have in terms of square footage, storage space and budget.

Here are some snaps of the simple Fall touches I brought into our place to make it a little extra cozy on those grey Sunday mornings or chilly weeknights when all you want to do is burry yourself under a blanket and slurp on some curried carrot soup. My main inspiration is jewel and earthy tones, velvets and knits, and rustic wooden touches to embrace cottage warmth.

Our hallway entrance welcomes us and guests with earthy elements of the outdoors: amber and golden leaves in a vintage jar filled with pebbles, that mirror the forest postcards displayed on the picture frame above.

The kitchen greets the warmth of the season with a wooden bowl filled with seasonal harvest and fresh bright sunflowers placed on a tablecloth of orange, brown and golden plaid.

In the living room, naturally the most inhabited room, the coffee table is graced with simple autumn statements. Dried wheat held together a vintageย  tin coffee pot accompanied by a luxurious teal velvet pumpkin, and its smaller miniature version in a golden orange, are displayed on our rustic wooden tray.

No couch in the Fall is complete without a soft throw and comfy pillows. Netflix and hot cocoa necessities.

Even small corners can embrace decorative opportunity. On a rose gold mirrored tray, the season is welcomed with candles, emerald and amethyst coloured glass lanterns and sultry dark plum roses.

And finally, when skies are grey and winds are cold, your warm sheets are where you probably want to stay. Fresh white sheets are more inviting underneath the glow of string lights that approve you to stay in bed all weekend with a book, a blog post or cuddles.

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