Cozy Corners

I have to say, this ongoing winter has turned me into a hibernating bear.

As you can see, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, and my prolonged laziness can be attributed to these cold dark days and evenings which have made me cling on to blankets, snacks and This Is Us a little more than I should be. 

As fun and it’s been, I have reached that point where I need to break out of this cycle and get back into feeling like a civilized member of cyber society.

I thought my first post of the year should be to pay homage to my favourite little corners at home; the ones that I’ve come to appreciate so much more during my wintery hours of lazing around.


The first steps into someone’s home usually sets the stage for the rest of the space, so what better place to establish the mood than at the entrance.

Being greeted by a rustic picture board displaying scenic postcards and a vintage mason jar housing comforting florals instantly turns on the “relaxing at home” button.

Living Room

The living room is where the magic happens. This is where pizza gets delivered and where my boyfriend hands me a Kleenex when he sees me burry my face under the blanket crying over Jack Pearson.

Travel memorabilia, favourite books, bright plants, geode coasters to rest a glass of wine or cup of tea, and relaxing reading corners truly add the “living” in this room.  Oh, and a comfy couch helps too.


The kitchen is where the second magic happens. Comforting soups simmer here, and friends gather around with something in their hand and in their bellies.

Me being a tea fanatic (see mug tree) and him being a bourbon collector (see Mad Men inspired crystal tumblers), our kitchen bar is our favourite corner to supply ourselves, and our friends and family, a variety of beverages. It’s also the perfect spot to spread out toppings for taco parties.



Mood crystals, fragrant lavender and soft glowing string lights are just some of the accents in our bedroom that make me feel relaxed and settled in after a cold walk home.

It certainly is hard to roll out of a warm snuggly bed on cold Monday mornings, but once the weekend comes, it’s the perfect setting to stay in as long as desired.



Often times, people underestimate the potential of rental bathrooms.  Little details like ceramic knobs, candles and an apothecary jar filled with fresh soap create a spa-like atmosphere, and those are my favourite touches in our bathroom.

It encourages just a little extra time for self-care. A warm essential oil foot soak or a hydrating mask can only come naturally in such a setting. At least that’s my excuse.


Hope these photos bring some comfort and inspiration to create your own favourite corners at home.

xo ✨

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