Something New: My Flower Veil

It was an absolute guarantee that I would be a bride with a floral headpiece for my wedding. In fact, I knew that even before I got engaged because, in case you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a flower child. So when the time came to plan our mini backyard wedding and I already knew the dress I would wear, accessorizing my bridal look with a floral headpiece was the next fun step.

My initial thought was to have fresh flowers in my hair, but after consulting with my amazing florist and giving it a bit more thought, I decided to stick to a headpiece with artificial flowers for longevity and sturdiness. Once I started browsing, I was surprised at how expensive synthetic flower crowns were. And I mean the nice ones. Sure, there were some for under $100, but they were just okay or they didn’t fit the colour scheme or style I wanted. The ones I did like…ranged from $100 to $300!

So….being the “Budget DIY Bride” that I am, I decided to make my own.

Photographer: Daring Wanderer

Fun fact: the flower crown I originally made isn’t what I ended up wearing for my wedding day. About a month before our wedding, I whipped up a beautiful eucalyptus green and white flower crown using materials I got from Michaels’. I even tried it with my dress.

Then, it happened. The classic Pinterest rabbit hole scroll. Right there on my feed, I saw this stunning, delicate floral veil, and I fell deeply in love. I needed it. This was the one that would complete my bridal look. The problem? It was eight days before the wedding, and there was no way the floral veil would make its way to Canada on time.

So, I headed to Ardene and crossed my fingers I would find something. And there they were. As if truly meant to be, right there on the clearance rack hung eight white and green dainty flower crowns. This is perfect. I bought all eight of them, and it cost me $20.00. Twenty dollars! Gotta love those “4 for $10” deals at Ardene!

When I got home, I inspected how these crowns were made and to my relief, they were all wired in instead of glued. This made it much easier (and less of a mess) to unwrap the little white roses, and then unwrap the wired crown.

I chose two crowns to use as my base (I merged one crown over the other to make it look more fuller and sturdier), I started to unravel the other crowns to create “dangling branches”. I wired them tight on the base, and spaced them out to make them look as flowy as possible.

I then added the little white roses back to the branches, spreading them and filling them as evenly as possible. As the final touch, I tried it on my head and re-arranged the branches to make sure they were secured tightly behind my ears (I didn’t want the branches to fall on my face). Finally, I trimmed the lenght of branches to give a more natural effect and so that I could move my head comfortably.

On my wedding day, my amazing hair stylist weaved the branches into my curls, and spread them out to make them look like a floral veil draping over my head and hair. It was perfect.

When I tried this new flower veil with my dress, it looked and felt so much better than the first flower crown I made. Everything about this flower veil just fell into place. I was meant to randomly see that photo on Pinterest, I was meant to get stubbornly committed to finding it, and when I couldn’t order it, I was meant to stubbornly commit to creating one myself.

This makes my “something new” a lot more special because it wasn’t a shiny new thing I bought, it was a crafty floral project that I created and made myself for my own bridal look. I couldn’t be happier about it.

Photographer: Daring Wanderer


4 Replies to “Something New: My Flower Veil”

  1. Was beautiful and creative especially on your hair
    well done, I love it
    You should open a shope for creativity 👍👏❤️

  2. I think the things we make ourselves give us so much pride! Maybe you’ll pass this along to your own daughter one day! Love you! ❤️

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