Get Ready with Me: Bridal Edition

Part of the whole Bridal experience is the “getting ready” part. The pampering, the beautifying, the excitement and the butterflies. Since I wasn’t having the typical wedding with bridesmaids, make-up artists or the coming and going of people, my getting-ready experience was thankfully quiet and relaxed. It was just me and my Mom getting beautified, so it made the experience a lot more intimate and calming.

The first most important step for an enjoyable and successful “getting ready” experience is choosing a room with good lighting. Having a vanity by the window for natural lighting is key for hair, makeup and final adjustments once dressed.

The second step, for me at least, is to have a clean and tidy space that is beautifully decorated to suit your personality, vibe, and energy. My Bridal room setting was decorated to be calming, elegant, clean and feminine.

I am so grateful (and lucky!) that my Mom saved my treasured furniture when I moved out. She brought them back to transform our bland guest room into my elegant Bridal Room. My refurbished antique chair, my desk, my armoire and my mirror are all beloved pieces from my old bedroom that apparently all had a future purpose.

In addition to my old furniture, I brought some current decor items to create a mix of old and new favourite pieces to make my bridal room feel more like “me”. I brought my vintage suitcase and vintage hat box to fill the top of my armoire, and I brought little antique frames to add to the walls.

For my vanity, I kept it simple since it would be the busiest area for hair, makeup, and afternoon espresso and croissants that my very pregnant Maid of Honour was so kind to drop by and bring. For my vanity decor, all I added were my perfume bottles and little dried roses from an old bouquet my now-husband gave me on our first anniversary.

And then of course, the makeup. My favourite part. If it wasn’t for COVID, I would have had a makeup artist do my makeup professionally, but to keep things safe, I did my Mom’s makeup and my own Bridal makeup.

It was a very simple look inspired by Chloe Morello’s Wedding Makeup. Healthy glowing skin, peach blush, shimmery champagne eyeshadow with brown winged eyeliner, and rosy pink lips to finish it off.

Regrettably, I didn’t have the time to take “Before and After” selfie close-ups, so I sadly don’t have any front-facing shots to show the details of my Bridal makeup. Hopefully the close-up shots that we will receive from our photographer will show some of my makeup details!

Aside from the makeup, slipping on my Bridal jewelry was my second favourite part. The jewelry I wore was also vintage and passed on to me by my Mom. They were all gold from Lebanon, and my turquoise and gold earrings ended up being my “Something Blue”.

Undoubtably, the most special jewelry piece was my gold bangle. In Lebanese tradition, the Bride receives gold jewelry on her wedding day, particularly a gold bangle. This bangle was gifted to my Mom on her wedding day, and she passed it on to me as my gift. I felt like an Arabian princess.

My shoes were my “fun” accessory. They were my vintage-inspired Bait Footwear shoes, that I actually blogged about when I got them six years ago! They are playful, they matched my dress beautifully, they fit the vintage theme and most importantly, they are comfortable. They don’t have heel so it was perfect for walking on grass for our wedding ceremony, and walking up trails for our wedding portraits.

The final accessory: my beautiful, whimsical Bridal bouquet.

We were lucky that all of our wedding vendors were amazing, but my Bridal bouquet was the one thing I was the most excited about (aside from the cake of course). My florist, Dawn Dust Florals, is a true artist. I originally just wanted a green and ivory bouquet but after I showed her my Mom’s wedding dress, she suggested adding tones of blush. I was hesitant at first because I was afraid it would be “too much” colour, but I trusted her professional advice and I’m so happy I did. I’m currently drying and pressing some of her flowers, so hopefully they will turn into a very special souvenir (a blog post on how to preserve Bridal flowers is coming soon!).

Although this wasn’t part of my decor, my Vow Book was hands down the most important prepping I did in this room. When I saw these vow books on Etsy, I knew they would tie in beautifully with our backyard wedding theme and colours, and would make writing and reading our vows more special.

🌿 ✨

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