I’d Like To Re-Introduce Myself

Hey friends,

Happy Autumn Equinox! I hope everyone is doing well and keeping healthy. I’d like to take this time to officially welcome my new followers (hey there! πŸ‘‹ ), and to thank my Day One followers and readers. It means a lot that you are part of this intimate little blog space.

As you can tell, I’ve been quite the active blogger this year thanks to quarantine and unemployment. I’ve been loving sharing new posts with you, especially some of my new wedding-related content. I hope that you are enjoying it too. Please let me know if there’s any content you’d like see more of.

Spending more time on my blog also made me realize that it was time for a little refresh. I cleared up some space, I added a little “About Me” section (I avoided that for so long lol), I updated my categories and I changed my homepage image to something a little more simpler and dreamier.

This is my bag made of actual turquoise, hung over the door of my antique armoire, ready to be opened and explored.

The need for a blog refresh wasn’t just aesthetical. I personally needed a refresher of my own when it came to the goal and purpose of my blog. My mission statement, if you will.

The reason I needed that was because a few months ago, I started feeling a little lost and foggy when it came to why I’m blogging, and what I wanted out of it. Fellow bloggers, do you sometimes feel that way, too?

It happened when I was working on my Beauty Pampering Routine post. I must have spent an hour taking photos of my beauty products, and then another hour going through them and then re-taking the shots I wasn’t pleased with. I spent an overall of two days working on the photos for that post. At one point, while on my knees trying to capture foot cream in good lighting, I actually stopped and asked myself:

Why am I even doing this? Who am I doing this for? Does anyone even care about what I post?

Those questions hit me hard, friends! I really had to think about it. I don’t get paid for any of these posts or links, so why am I spending so much time on “perfecting the shot”? To find my answer, I had to revisit my early days of blogging and remind myself why I started in the first place.

Returning to that space re-aligned my mission, ignited new goals, and made me want to re-introduce myself to you.

Humble Beginnings

I started www.myturquoisebag.com in April 2014. That was the year I was single, the year I took a social media break, the year I left a toxic work environment, and the year I was looking for an outlet to pour my creative energy into.

In fact, 2014 was such a transformative banner year for me, I blogged about it here: 2014: The Year I Found Myself. (And yes, that guy I mentioned meeting on the bus is now my husband ☺️)

During that time, I was painting furniture and redecorating my room. I took up cycling, explored antique shops, and I had just come back from a soul-searching trip with tons of travel pictures and memories in my heart. I wanted a place to share all that. I guess you can say I wanted to start a creative and visual journal.

That’s how blogging came into the picture. My first blog posts were about my trip to Turkey and what products I use for my curly hair.

This was the original homepage image design for my blog back then. I staged it myself and had so much fun creating the vision of what “My Turquoise Bag” meant to me.

Why the name “My Turquoise Bag”?

I bring my bag wherever I go, collecting keepsakes from places I’ve travelled, moments I’ve shared with the dearest of humans, and magical little sceneries I’ve captured while observing the world around me.

My blog is where I write about those moments.

A blog, just like my bag, is deeply personal. Inside are items that are uniquely me. Like my favourite red lipstick, a vintage postcard in my notebook, my seashell hair clip, a packet of mint tea or a tiny bottle of my favourite perfume.

As for turquoise, it’s my favourite earth stone and my favourite colour. It’s the colour of summer, tropical beaches and Mediterranean seas that I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of experiencing in my life. Turquoise is peace, inspiration and positivity.

Over the years, my blog has evolved and made space for recipes, weight loss journeys, event ideas, life reflections, seasonal recaps, and now weddings. I have received such heartwarming encouragement and commentary from my family, friends, colleagues (thank you guys ❀️) and my husband.

He is the one who witnesses my random bursts of blog ideas late at night, and he has shown the utmost patience whenever I transform our condo into a mini studio, or if I need re-take a photo for the seventeenth time. He’s been my #1 cheerleader of this little hobby of mine.

He’s also the one who reminded me that having a creative hobby like blogging doesn’t need to be a competition or a reason to doubt myself if I don’t get the engagement that I hope for. He’s the one who reminds me that we get into a hobby because it’s simply what we love to do.

So, why am I doing this?

I do it because I love to connect with people. I do it because a girl in Malaysia once messaged me on Instagram about my lavender cookies. That meant someone halfway across the world stumbled upon my blog, read the recipe, bought the ingredients and decided to give my recipe a try. That made me burst with joy.

And that’s why I started this blog six years ago. To create, to inspire, to connect. I wanted a space to share my creative energy and reflective thoughts, I packaged it all in a turquoise bag, and I put it out there in the world. For all of you who’ve opened my bag to peek what’s inside, thank you. I hope this leaves you inspired.

I’ve learned and grown a lot over the last six years (and I continue to learn), but my mission remains the same:

Unfolding the hidden magic of our everyday to create, inspire and connect.

Thank you for reading, and for keeping me inspired.

XO πŸ’™βœ¨ 

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