Farewell to Winter Sunsets

I am a lover of all seasons.

But I tend to have a love-hate relationship with Winter.

Aesthetically, I think Winter is absolutely breathtaking.

There is nothing more serene than a quiet snowfall, or the way sunlight sparkles over fresh, untouched snow. There’s nothing more comforting than cozying up to a knitted blanket and a warm beverage on a frigid day.

The sound of snow crunching at my feet, the scent of a fireplace nearby and rosy pink cheeks after a bundled up winter hike are nostalgically dear to my heart.

It’s just the mental effect of Winter that tends to drain me, and isolate me.

Canadian Winters are long, cold and dark, and being stuck at home in lockdown during this season was….brutal to my soul.

But, just like everything this last year has taught me, there is still beauty to be found in chaos, darkness and coldness.

And to me, that beauty has been winter sunsets..

There’s truly something supernatural about them.

The warm glow on my face as our orange star sinks away makes me forget about the icy air.

The explosion of colours makes me forget about the darkness.

The fire in the sky puts a spotlight on the frozen lake, highlighting the icy surface.

It reminds me that the polarity of pain and joy, dark and light, cold and warmth are what makes this cycle we call life complete. We need polarities.

And suddenly, a surprise.

Of all the visits I’ve made down this shore during Spring, Summer and Fall….the most precious sight I’ve seen was on this frigid Winter day.

This white swan appeared so quietly. So elegantly.

She was at peace with the ice beneath her feathers. She was at peace with the cold.

That’s when I decided to be at peace with it, too.


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