Introducing: The Wedding Series

August marks one year since we got married.

How is that even possible? On one hand, I feel like our wedding just happened. I still remember sensory details of that day.

I still see my husband chocking up in tears, and how much that touched my heart because that was the first time I saw him cry.

I still feel my Mom holding my arm tightly when we walked down the aisle, inexplicably honoured to be donning her dress.

I still smell the comforting fragrance of his cologne when we danced to Blue Moon.

I still hear the cheers of our family and friends from around the world raising a glass, connected together on a screen.

I still taste the first bite of our wedding cake. Strawberry raspberry cream.

On the other hand, it also feels like our wedding day happened much longer than a year ago. So much has happened since that day. So much has changed. So much has remained the same.

Our first year as newlyweds was spent in lockdown, distanced from family and friends, going through the uncomfortable, numbing motions of languish and burnout.

Yet, after a year gone by, this is what I learned: what a perfect time to have each other.

What better way to count blessings multiple times in a day.

What an ideal time to feel a burst of gratitude knowing you married your biggest adventure, and your coziest home.

What a blessing.

To honour our one year wedding anniversary, and to honour the brightest memories of last year’s historical year, I will be sharing a series of wedding posts all through the month of August.

It will be a dedicated space where I post vendor appreciations, creative ideas, favourite memories, and more informative content like our budget and what we spent on our wedding.

I thought I’d start this wedding series with the most important touch: our vow books. 

I hope you enjoy this series, dear readers. May it bring you inspiration, whimsy and hope.

Nahya xo

Photography by Daring Wanderer

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