Our Wedding Invitations

Receiving a wedding invitation is like getting a first glance sneak peek of the wedding. Invitations set the tone and theme, often create the atmosphere the moment you hold it in your hands, or in our guests’ case, open it on a screen.

In the case of our backyard wedding, our atmosphere was intimate and simple, with the outdoors being our stage.

Many elements on the invitation tied in with our wedding setting and decor. The curves of the greenery garland on the card was a nod to our eucalyptus, our green ivy and our wall of birch and cedar trees.

The tent in the envelope lining was a special ode to our camping days, and it tied in perfectly with the white canopy under which we shared our vows.

Outdoor greenery, soft ivory and touches of vintage gold. That was our theme.

Although our wedding invitation was digital, I printed a few copies and created paper invitations to cherish as a keepsake, and to give to our parents.

Tiny backyard zoom wedding by Toronto photographer Daring Wanderer // http://www.daringwanderer.com

Our guests may not have been physically with us, but we certainly felt their presence. Seeing them all dressed up with a glass in their hands, reading the touching messages they were sending in the chat, and hearing cheers and voices from all over the world connected on a screen, was truly so heartfelt and intimate.

Changing our wedding plans and moving forward with an intimate virtual backyard wedding during the pandemic was the best way to make the most of what we can, during a time when being in the present mattered the most.

From all around the world, we raised a glass to health, happiness and love always winning.

xo 💚✨

Photography by Daring Wanderer

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