Camping Between Seasons

The cusp of Summer and Fall always feels bittersweet to me. It’s the turning point between my two favourite seasons, so I always feel a bit wistful when one has ended, yet excited for the other to follow. Freckled shoulders and tan lines showing signs of a summer well spent, start to fade just as … Continue reading Camping Between Seasons

For the Love of Lavender

The term "Like Mother, like Daughter" couldn't be more true when it comes to my Mom and I sharing the love for simple pleasures in life. In fact, adopting the joie de vivre philosophy in my life was always been influenced by her - she's always taught me to be humble, present, appreciative and grateful.   Part of … Continue reading For the Love of Lavender

My Top 10 Favourite Vintage Finds

Retrophiliac - noun. Someone who has a strong liking for things from the past. You know that strange sensation you get when you feel like you've lived another life in a past era? I get feeling that a lot. My whole life I've always been drawn to nostalgic time periods. I feel immediate connections whenever I … Continue reading My Top 10 Favourite Vintage Finds

The Magic of Barn Weddings

Two autumns ago, I posted some snapshots of a cozy weekend getaway I enjoyed at our friend's warm and inviting rustic family barn. This summer, that same friend married his lovely long-time girlfriend at that barn. I thought it was so meaningful for them to choose to get married there, and being the event planning … Continue reading The Magic of Barn Weddings

My Autumn Delights

Fashion Suede boots, tights under a dress or skirt, warm scarf, plum and burgundy, brown and mauve lipstick, carefree hair. Nature Fiery leaves, gradient trees, crisp air, autumn sunshine Cozy Meals Hot chocolate, chiminea, cinnamon tea, spices, flavourful warm meals

In Honour of Summer

Seeing as the last day of Summer is in two days, I thought I would post a photographic recap of my best summer memories. Here's to sandy beach hair, to sunsets kissing the water, to quiet waves swaying you into blissful relaxation, and to weekends spent in isolation under just a full moon and a campfire. City Sails  Sunday Beach … Continue reading In Honour of Summer

Current Summer Status

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The Distillery District Revisited

I always find it interesting when I get this feeling of new found discovery in my own city. You know that feeling of amazement you initially feel as you stumble upon a new street, a new neighbourhood or just a new view for the first time in a foreign place? Well, sometimes I get that feeling just 20 km away … Continue reading The Distillery District Revisited

The City Says Hello

Bloor & High Park   Queen & Niagara   Yonge & Davisville   Queen & Shaw, window display of Bicyclette Boutique   Queen & Strachan Public transit is the perfect place to observe a city's human interaction, or in the case of Toronto, the lack of it. Being a daily commuter and active pedestrian, there is one … Continue reading The City Says Hello

Bike Route Snapshots

This summer, I've plunged into the passion of cycling. I owe my biking interest to Amsterdam after visiting this charming city in 2011. While on my brief but very enjoyable stay there, I was flabbergasted by its dominant abundance of bicycles. Millions of bikes were parked everywhere, millions of cyclists in suits, heels, dresses and babies strapped to … Continue reading Bike Route Snapshots