Winter ONE-derland for a First Birthday

Leave it to the shortest month of the year to be packed with special occasions. Some of my most favourite people celebrated a milestone chapter in their life, succeeded a professional accomplishment, started a new job, and two very dear people to me have birthdays during this month. Basically, celebrating life is how this February … Continue reading Winter ONE-derland for a First Birthday

Creating a Hot Chocolate Bar

Themed bars are my favourite corners to set up when hosting a party. Aside from the functional benefit of having a designated area for thirsty guests, it's such a fun decor addition to amp up our event. For previous parties, I've dressed up our kitchen bar in taco theme and mermaid theme, so when Christmas comes around, I … Continue reading Creating a Hot Chocolate Bar

4 Easy Holiday Hosting Ideas

People embrace winter in different ways.  Some people take it as the perfect time to travel to warmer climates, others welcome it to play or watch their favourite winter sports, and a select few choose to embrace this season by journeying off to snowy adventures. For my boyfriend and I, winter is a time to … Continue reading 4 Easy Holiday Hosting Ideas

Hosting an Afternoon Tea

My Instagram is no stranger to perfectly-placed flat lay shots of cozy Afternoon Tea spreads. If you know me, you know that I'm obsessed with tea, antiques and delicious treats, and going for Afternoon Tea checks off all those boxes.  My first experience with High Tea was when I planned my best friend's bridal shower, and I've been … Continue reading Hosting an Afternoon Tea

Mermaid Pool Party

The heatwaves this summer have been pretty intense. But if you look at your rosé glass half full, heatwaves are the perfect excuse to host/organize/attend a pool party. You know when it's so hot and humid that you tell yourself, "Man, I could just jump in a pool right now"? Well, I figured why not … Continue reading Mermaid Pool Party

Fiesta Decor for Taco Nights

Apparently, a game night soirée was long overdue as our friends kindly reminded us (ahem, requested). The last game night we hosted was simple and cozy: I made homemade lasagna, and red wine and Cards Against Humanity were enjoyed until the wee hours of the morning. This year we wanted to try out the game … Continue reading Fiesta Decor for Taco Nights

Event Styling for a Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party

Being an auntie to my friends' kids has given me carte blanche to spoil them and adore them unconditionally (and then hand them back when they're pooping and crying). My most ultimate favourite auntie role, aside from cuddles and chubby cheek smooching, is crafting and styling my friends' babies' special events. Okay, maybe I appointed … Continue reading Event Styling for a Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party

Baptism Decor For a Baby Girl

I think it's become official. I've been assigned head of the decor committee for all of my best friend's events. She's put full confidence in me to make a party room look pretty. The latest event was for the baptism of her adorable daughter, Chloe. After the baptism ceremony, her parents were hosting a brunch … Continue reading Baptism Decor For a Baby Girl

Before & After: Nostalgic Love at The Eglinton Grand

My very first job was working at the movie theatre as the popcorn girl. It was the perfect job for me because 1) I love movies and 2) I love popcorn. The theatre I worked at wasn't at a big Cineplex or AMC, it was at a little theatre called Rainbow Cinemas. It was the … Continue reading Before & After: Nostalgic Love at The Eglinton Grand

Made in Movember: Toronto Edition

The wrap-up of November brings an end to the growing of dapper (and some not-so-dapper) mustaches that's been spurting around town during this month. The Toronto Gala Parté at the Kool Haus this past Friday welcomed moustached gentlemen, truckers, Ned Flanders and Mario & Luigi costumed individuals, some jazzy cool cats and Zoro-type debonairs, united in … Continue reading Made in Movember: Toronto Edition