Dark Moon Empress Halloween Costume

Halloween costumes are a favourite on this blog. From unicorn costumes to Ariel costumes, I always look forward to this time of the year to post about what creative direction I decided to venture into for Halloween. This year was particularly fun because I got to be in my usual colourful costumes, and I also got … Continue reading Dark Moon Empress Halloween Costume

Enchanting Unicorn Costume

I wish it was socially acceptable to dress up in a costume at any time. Like, if I woke up one morning and decided to wear fairy wings to work, I'd want that to be okay with HR. But until that happens, it seems us costume-and-makeup enthusiasts will have to embrace Halloween as the designated … Continue reading Enchanting Unicorn Costume

Updated Curly Hair Routine

"Is your hair real?", the woman asked as she touched my curls in admiration. I did not know this woman. She was a complete stranger, yet there she was, touching my hair while I was volunteering for the Toronto International Film Festival. I wasn't sure if I should have been flattered that this woman deemed … Continue reading Updated Curly Hair Routine

DIY: Coconut Oil and Lavender Deodorant

In one of my Sex Ed classes in Grade 5, we were given educational kits which included a corny booklet on how our bodies would be changing and each of the girls received a sanitary pad and a Degree deodorant stick. I remember thinking how exciting it was to be introduced to such grown-up products and I eagerly tried … Continue reading DIY: Coconut Oil and Lavender Deodorant

Mermaid Essentials

If mermaids existed (I mean, I secretly believe they do in the enchanted Scandinavian seas), I imagine they'd have a pearly glow to their dewy skin and long wavy tresses that flow right down to their fishtail.  I figure these products would help re-create the mermaidesque essence. What are your favourite products or methods to achieve your … Continue reading Mermaid Essentials

Mascara Review: Roller Lash by Benefit Cosmetics

I picked up a new mascara yesterday - and I'm a happy girl. Roller Lash mascara by Benefit is perfection in the world of mascaras. I don't really feel like I need to write much about it because the pictures below will provide enough of a visual confirmation on how great this mascara is. Two coats and I … Continue reading Mascara Review: Roller Lash by Benefit Cosmetics

Caca Rouge: The Natural Pop Of Red

A few posts ago, I was contemplating on cutting my hair up to my shoulders. I dunno what the heck I was thinking. Crazy talk, I say. After much hesitation, I realized I was not ready to give up years of patience and tender loving care to my long locks. Plus, I know myself very well: the … Continue reading Caca Rouge: The Natural Pop Of Red

Wonder Lashes On a Budget

What's better than finding an amazing mascara? Finding an amazing mascara that costs $3.99, that's what! Essence Cosmetics caught my attention when they came out with their Babushka blush. Not only did I find their makeup line to be creative and unique in their themes, I also found their products to be impressively affordable. Putting aside the … Continue reading Wonder Lashes On a Budget

Halloween Treat: Vintage Belly Dancer

This year's Halloween costume was inspired by this vintage photograph of a burlesque belly dancer from the 1910s. If you are the creative type and enjoy making a costume VS. waiting in line at busy Halloween stores - or if you're like me and you leave costume planning at the last minute and find yourself scrambling … Continue reading Halloween Treat: Vintage Belly Dancer