Upcycled Furniture Inspired by Summer and Travels

I am so happy to have finally completed refurbishing some of the antique pieces I've had sitting in my garage over the winter months. I had a bit of free time this past weekend so away I went with my paintbrush. I hope you enjoy the transformation! Storage Cabinet I painted this stunning piece a calming blue-green and added coral … Continue reading Upcycled Furniture Inspired by Summer and Travels


Before & After: Nostalgic Love at The Eglinton Grand

My very first job was working at the movie theatre as the popcorn girl. It was the perfect job for me because 1) I love movies and 2) I love popcorn. The theatre I worked at wasn't at a big Cineplex or AMC, it was at a little theatre called Rainbow Cinemas. It was the … Continue reading Before & After: Nostalgic Love at The Eglinton Grand

How to Spruce Up An Old Headboard

I went on a mini road trip in the Dunnville/Cayuga area for a relaxing weekend with my girlfriends. We drove by an antique store and naturally, I wanted to check it out. I find that there's something more authentic about going to small town antique shops versus going to antique shops in Toronto. It's not to say that … Continue reading How to Spruce Up An Old Headboard

Mascara Review: Roller Lash by Benefit Cosmetics

I picked up a new mascara yesterday - and I'm a happy girl. Roller Lash mascara by Benefit is perfection in the world of mascaras. I don't really feel like I need to write much about it because the pictures below will provide enough of a visual confirmation on how great this mascara is. Two coats and I … Continue reading Mascara Review: Roller Lash by Benefit Cosmetics

Seeing The Bright Side Of Things: My Warm Intake on Winter

For the longest time, I was convinced my parents chose the wrong country to immigrate to. Born in a sunny Mediterranean country, my blood is just not physically equipped to handle the cold and grey days for six months out of twelve. That's half a year of icy winds to the face, wet slush, hibernation (read: weight … Continue reading Seeing The Bright Side Of Things: My Warm Intake on Winter

Caca Rouge: The Natural Pop Of Red

A few posts ago, I was contemplating on cutting my hair up to my shoulders. I dunno what the heck I was thinking. Crazy talk, I say. After much hesitation, I realized I was not ready to give up years of patience and tender loving care to my long locks. Plus, I know myself very well: the … Continue reading Caca Rouge: The Natural Pop Of Red

My Year of Reinvention

"Life is amazing. And then it's awful. And then it's amazing again. And in between the amazing and awful, it's ordinary and mundane and routine. Breathe in the amazing, hold on through the awful, and relax and exhale during the ordinary. That's just living, heartbreaking, soul-healing, amazing, awful, ordinary life. And it's breathtakingly beautiful." - … Continue reading My Year of Reinvention

Baby It’s Cold Outside

While finishing up my Christmas shopping this week, I stumbled upon a few good sales so I treated myself to a lil' somethin' sparkly and warm.  I picked up this unbelievably cozy infinity scarf from H&M. You can't tell much in the pictures but there are sparkly gold sequences threaded into the wool which adds a nice touch of … Continue reading Baby It’s Cold Outside

Holiday Fashion Shout Out: Zumel and Co.

I put together an outfit for a Christmas party I was attending and per the usual, I posted my ensemble on Instagram. I tagged the shop I got my beloved red heels from (as I normally do when I visit shops, boutiques or events) and to my surprise they re-posted my post on their Instagram … Continue reading Holiday Fashion Shout Out: Zumel and Co.

The Distillery District Revisited

I always find it interesting when I get this feeling of new found discovery in my own city. You know that feeling of amazement you initially feel as you stumble upon a new street, a new neighbourhood or just a new view for the first time in a foreign place? Well, sometimes I get that feeling just 20 km away … Continue reading The Distillery District Revisited

Made in Movember: Toronto Edition

The wrap-up of November brings an end to the growing of dapper (and some not-so-dapper) mustaches that's been spurting around town during this month. The Toronto Gala Parté at the Kool Haus this past Friday welcomed moustached gentlemen, truckers, Ned Flanders and Mario & Luigi costumed individuals, some jazzy cool cats and Zoro-type debonairs, united in … Continue reading Made in Movember: Toronto Edition

Halloween Treat: Vintage Belly Dancer

This year's Halloween costume was inspired by this vintage photograph of a burlesque belly dancer from the 1910s. If you are the creative type and enjoy making a costume VS. waiting in line at busy Halloween stores - or if you're like me and you leave costume planning at the last minute and find yourself scrambling … Continue reading Halloween Treat: Vintage Belly Dancer

Does Finding Success Have a Time Limit?

"A man is a success if he wakes up in the morning and gets to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do."  - Bob Dylan A couple of weekends ago, I went to spend an afternoon with my grandmother and took her out for lunch. When I went to pick … Continue reading Does Finding Success Have a Time Limit?

The City Says Hello

Bloor & High Park   Queen & Niagara   Yonge & Davisville   Queen & Shaw, window display of Bicyclette Boutique   Queen & Strachan Public transit is the perfect place to observe a city's human interaction, or in the case of Toronto, the lack of it. Being a daily commuter and active pedestrian, there is one … Continue reading The City Says Hello

Decorating With Antique Radios

A dear friend of mine stopped by the Farmer's Market in Kingston a few weekends ago and started texting me a bunch of pictures of the antique items she thought I would like. I set eyes on this vintage radio and I asked her if she can bargain with the vendor. We texted numbers back and forth and I … Continue reading Decorating With Antique Radios

Recharge: Camping at Balsam Lake

Last weekend some friends and I drove up to Baslam Lake Provincial Park to get away from the city craziness. The last time I went camping was pretty much two decades ago when I was in Girl Scouts (yeesh, I'm gettin' old!) so I was really looking forward to sleeping in tents, roasting some S'mores and sharing stories by … Continue reading Recharge: Camping at Balsam Lake

Feeling The Love From Hong Kong and Thailand

Oceans and time zones don't mean a thing for globetrotting friends. I came home today to find a package that my dear friend sent me as an early birthday gift: items collected through her Asian adventures. She send me a lovely postcard from Thailand, a sweet birthday card in which she wrote "Happy Birthday" in Cantonese, an … Continue reading Feeling The Love From Hong Kong and Thailand

Shoes Haul from Tatyana Boutique

Bettie Page. Pin-Up Girls. Rockabilly. 1950s. Dita Von Teese. Las Vegas. Those are all words that describe the retro-chic fashion store Tatyana Boutique that finally opened its doors in Toronto this past month. Gracing its presence along the fashionable strip of Queen Street West, Tatyana Boutique provides the modern woman a touch of retro class. The boudoir decor and … Continue reading Shoes Haul from Tatyana Boutique

Bike Route Snapshots

This summer, I've plunged into the passion of cycling. I owe my biking interest to Amsterdam after visiting this charming city in 2011. While on my brief but very enjoyable stay there, I was flabbergasted by its dominant abundance of bicycles. Millions of bikes were parked everywhere, millions of cyclists in suits, heels, dresses and babies strapped to … Continue reading Bike Route Snapshots