90 Years Loved

I think there’s a certain aspect of romance to old family photographs. I don’t mean the old family photos at Chuck E. Cheese birthday parties in the 80s. I’m talking about those black and white photos of our maiden mothers, our newlywed grandmothers, or our handsome great uncles in some sort of distinguished uniform. It’s … Continue reading 90 Years Loved

DIY Bar Sign Using Mexican Tiles

I have acquired the nickname "Crafting Owl" because my creative ideas seem to come to me late at night. I've been known to sporadically pull out my craft box and try to create whatever my mind is visualizing at that very moment, and it always seems to happen between the hours of 10pm-1am. I can't … Continue reading DIY Bar Sign Using Mexican Tiles

Fiesta Decor for Taco Nights

Apparently, a game night soirée was long overdue as our friends kindly reminded us (ahem, requested). The last game night we hosted was simple and cozy: I made homemade lasagna, and red wine and Cards Against Humanity were enjoyed until the wee hours of the morning. This year we wanted to try out the game … Continue reading Fiesta Decor for Taco Nights

DIY Tutu Skirt for Baby High Chair

A couple of weeks ago, I styled the First Birthday party of my best friend's baby daughter. There were many elements that I loved about this party, the birthday girl being the main one since she is a scrumptious little bunny doll that I wanted to smush every chance I got. Additionally to baby Chloe, … Continue reading DIY Tutu Skirt for Baby High Chair

Event Styling for a Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party

Being an auntie to my friends' kids has given me carte blanche to spoil them and adore them unconditionally (and then hand them back when they're pooping and crying). My most ultimate favourite auntie role, aside from cuddles and chubby cheek smooching, is crafting and styling my friends' babies' special events. Okay, maybe I appointed … Continue reading Event Styling for a Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party

Two Easy Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

This year for Easter, I really wanted to step up my egg game. The past two years I've kept the Easter decor to a minimal, gracing our space with only a vase of fresh tulips and a small bowl of Cadbury Mini Eggs. But let's face it, the tulips never lasted and certainly neither did … Continue reading Two Easy Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Gallery of Travel Memories

The bare and beige wall above our couch desperately needed some colour. After browsing uninspiring wall art in home decor stores and online, we had the idea of creating our own little gallery of travel posters. Not just any travel posters - we wanted our gallery to represent the destinations we've ventured off to in … Continue reading Gallery of Travel Memories

Simple Fall Decor for Small Spaces

If you're a decor enthusiast like myself, then you must get excited when the seasons change because it entices you to decorate your home with seasonal embellishments. And you most likely love decorating especially during the Fall season so you can nest a cozy abode to retreat to as the air becomes crisper and the daylight … Continue reading Simple Fall Decor for Small Spaces

Fun and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween has always been one of my favourite holidays because it's the time of year you are exposed to people's creativity, humour and artistic dedication to become anyone or anything they want to be. As a kid, I loved Halloween mainly because it was the only time my parents allowed me to wear makeup. As … Continue reading Fun and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

My Top 10 Favourite Vintage Finds

Retrophiliac - noun. Someone who has a strong liking for things from the past. You know that strange sensation you get when you feel like you've lived another life in a past era? I get feeling that a lot. My whole life I've always been drawn to nostalgic time periods. I feel immediate connections whenever I … Continue reading My Top 10 Favourite Vintage Finds