Getty Museum Recreation

If there's one positive thing to come out of this strange and uneasy time, it's our ability to turn to creativity for our mental and emotional survival. Through memes, YouTube or TikTok videos circulating amongst our group chats and Zoom videos, our creativity has proven to comfort one another through comedy, relatability, inspiration and just … Continue reading Getty Museum Recreation

Winter ONE-derland for a First Birthday

Leave it to the shortest month of the year to be packed with special occasions. Some of my most favourite people celebrated a milestone chapter in their life, succeeded a professional accomplishment, started a new job, and two very dear people to me have birthdays during this month. Basically, celebrating life is how this February … Continue reading Winter ONE-derland for a First Birthday

Maid of Honour Proposal

It's only natural that my first blog post of 2020 would be wedding-related because...we've officially started planning our wedding! 😀 But even for a list-making, multitasking, detail-oriented Virgo who’s worked in the wedding industry for four years and can whip up a mood board with my eyes closed...I gotta say, I'm learning a lot.  Despite … Continue reading Maid of Honour Proposal

Travel Stamp: Montréal

A travel post on Montreal was long overdue on the blog considering it's a city I've visited many times on family trips, work trips or as you've recently come to know, impromptu winter adventures. Without a doubt though, our recent trip there was notably the most special. So I thought I'd share six "Montreal Musts" while imprints … Continue reading Travel Stamp: Montréal

Bittersweet Farewell to October

The Fall season has been pretty extraordinary this year. So much so that I want to savour it in this blog post, especially since it's been snowing and already below zero cold since Monday. Switching my leather jacket to a winter parka was a quick adjustment I wasn't ready to make so suddenly. I was … Continue reading Bittersweet Farewell to October

A Love Story in Montreal

They say that you learn a lot about someone when you travel with them, and that couldn't be more true. "Montreal" represents a special milestone in our story, and not just because we are poutine enthusiasts or because I'm a proud Francophone. Montreal was the first trip we took together, and that trip was the … Continue reading A Love Story in Montreal