Gallery of Travel Memories

The bare and beige wall above our couch desperately needed some colour. After browsing uninspiring wall art in home decor stores and online, we had the idea of creating our own little gallery of travel posters. Not just any travel posters - we wanted our gallery to represent the destinations we've ventured off to in … Continue reading Gallery of Travel Memories


Friends With Chairs

When my friend asked me if I could give her antique chair a little tender loving care, not only was I excited to revamp a piece of furniture (which I haven't done in so long and miss doing terribly), I was just so extra thrilled that a friend asked me to do it for her. … Continue reading Friends With Chairs

Simple Fall Decor for Small Spaces

If you're a decor enthusiast like myself, then you must get excited when the seasons change because it entices you to decorate your home with seasonal embellishments. And you most likely love decorating especially during the Fall season so you can nest a cozy abode to retreat to as the air becomes crisper and the daylight … Continue reading Simple Fall Decor for Small Spaces

Fun and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween has always been one of my favourite holidays because it's the time of year you are exposed to people's creativity, humour and artistic dedication to become anyone or anything they want to be. As a kid, I loved Halloween mainly because it was the only time my parents allowed me to wear makeup. As … Continue reading Fun and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

My Top 10 Favourite Vintage Finds

Retrophiliac - noun. Someone who has a strong liking for things from the past. You know that strange sensation you get when you feel like you've lived another life in a past era? I get feeling that a lot. My whole life I've always been drawn to nostalgic time periods. I feel immediate connections whenever I … Continue reading My Top 10 Favourite Vintage Finds

Job Interviewing and Dating: The Hopeful Similarities

Earlier this year, I did a bit of career soul-searching. I decided it was time for me to step up the ladder and change my professional scenery. I polished up my resume and re-entered the world of job searching, networking and interviewing. I lived in this world extensively for a couple of months, doing phone … Continue reading Job Interviewing and Dating: The Hopeful Similarities

The Magic of Barn Weddings

Two autumns ago, I posted some snapshots of a cozy weekend getaway I enjoyed at our friend's warm and inviting rustic family barn. This summer, that same friend married his lovely long-time girlfriend at that barn. I thought it was so meaningful for them to choose to get married there, and being the event planning … Continue reading The Magic of Barn Weddings

Baptism Decor For a Baby Girl

I think it's become official. I've been assigned head of the decor committee for all of my best friend's events. She's put full confidence in me to make a party room look pretty. The latest event was for the baptism of her adorable daughter, Chloe. After the baptism ceremony, her parents were hosting a brunch … Continue reading Baptism Decor For a Baby Girl

Country Chairs in an Urban Condo

I love receiving text messages from friends that say: "I found antique chairs for you". That's exactly the text I received when my friend spotted these beauties disposed on someone's curb, which to me, is basically a silver platter. I was planning on selling these chairs once I refurbished them, but I couldn't help falling … Continue reading Country Chairs in an Urban Condo

DIY Bridal Shower Gift: Marriage Milestone Wine Basket

If your friend is a big wine lover and you're stuck on what to get her as a bridal shower gift, the search ends now. Why not make her a personalized wine basket for each of her marriage milestones? I made this wine basket for a good friend who recently got married and she absolutely … Continue reading DIY Bridal Shower Gift: Marriage Milestone Wine Basket

Outdated Chairs Get a Pop of Colour

I picked up these chairs at a yard sale for $5.00 each. It was probably the most exciting furniture purchase I ever made till yet, not only because it was cheap, but because I looked past the horrible mustard velvet fabric and immediately knew what style I wanted to create. Deep purples, reds and black … Continue reading Outdated Chairs Get a Pop of Colour

“Jar of Happiness”: Budget Friendly Gift Idea

The Holiday season does not mean you have to break the bank and in my opinion, Christmas isn't even supposed to be about the overconsumption of mass materialistic goods. There are many creative and thoughtful ways to show someone you're thinking of them during the Christmas season. This year in particular, my thrifty juices flowed and I decided … Continue reading “Jar of Happiness”: Budget Friendly Gift Idea

My Autumn Delights

Fashion Suede boots, tights under a dress or skirt, warm scarf, plum and burgundy, brown and mauve lipstick, carefree hair. Nature Fiery leaves, gradient trees, crisp air, autumn sunshine Cozy Meals Hot chocolate, chiminea, cinnamon tea, spices, flavourful warm meals

In Honour of Summer

Seeing as the last day of Summer is in two days, I thought I would post a photographic recap of my best summer memories. Here's to sandy beach hair, to sunsets kissing the water, to quiet waves swaying you into blissful relaxation, and to weekends spent in isolation under just a full moon and a campfire. City Sails  Sunday Beach … Continue reading In Honour of Summer

DIY: Coconut Oil and Lavender Deodorant

In one of my Sex Ed classes in Grade 5, we were given educational kits which included a corny booklet on how our bodies would be changing and each of the girls received a sanitary pad and a Degree deodorant stick. I remember thinking how exciting it was to be introduced to such grown-up products and I eagerly tried … Continue reading DIY: Coconut Oil and Lavender Deodorant