About Me

Hi! I’m Nahya.

I’m a seasonally-inspired Lebanese Canadian based in Toronto.

I get excited about sunsets, flowers, creative DIYs, afternoon tea, baked goods and travel. I created this little space to write and share them with those that also find them exciting.

Why “My Turquoise Bag”?

Turquoise is my favourite gem stone. In my culture, it is believed to bring good luck.

If you peek inside my bag, you’ll learn a lot more about me. You’ll find my camera, my journal, my passport, my favourite lipstick, and a postcard of a vintage floral print that I use as a bookmark. All of these items keep me inspired and happy.

My blog is like my bag. It’s a place where you’ll find everything I keep close to my heart. And I hope that whatever you browse in my bag, you’ll find something that is also close to yours.

Thank you for stopping by!


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