Lunch at Sultanahmet Koftecisi

One of the things that enhances Turkey’s experience is that it’s very affordable. Accommodation, transportation and food is cheap, and that is the reason we stumbled upon this little kofte (kebab) place in Sultanahmet. We were lured by the sign at the window that read “Kofte 8 TL (Turkish Liras)”, which translates to “Kofte for 4 bucks”.

What we thought would be a quick and cheap bite to eat turned out to the be the best feast of our entire trip. We later found out that Koftecisi is a renown eatery in the Sultanahmet neighbourhood and it’s not a surprise since the entire place was packed in the middle of off-season February and that everyone, literally everyone in the restaurant, was Turkish.

My friend and I feasted on a plate of 4 skewers of kofte each, seasoned beans, salad, delicious rice and warm fresh bread. As I’m writing this, it might not sound like anything glamorous, but the flavour…oh the flavour! That meat was wonderfully tantalizing enough to write home about. Oh wait, that’s what I’m doing. 


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