Recharge: Camping at Balsam Lake

Last weekend some friends and I drove up to Baslam Lake Provincial Park to get away from the city craziness. The last time I went camping was pretty much two decades ago when I was in Girl Scouts (yeesh, I’m gettin’ old!) so I was really looking forward to sleeping in tents, roasting some S’mores and sharing stories by the campfire. And that’s exactly what had occurred: after three full days of connecting with nature and relaxing at its purest form, feasting on delicious food and refreshing drinks, spending an afternoon on the beach and being energized by good company and good laughs, I couldn’t ask for more. I kept my iPhone off for three days straight and I was never tempted to look at it even once. It was truly liberating.

My ultimate favourite part of our camping sΓ©jour was Saturday night. Siting around a fire that the boys proudly made, drinks in hand, playing Scattergories and howling with laughter, I looked up and realized we were sitting under a blanket of a million glittering stars. I shushed everyone to look up and we just sat there for a good fifteen minutes just gazing up at nature’s glamour. I wish I had a high definition camera to capture it, but I guess it just means I will have to go back and re-live it again. πŸ™‚






That’s right, I’m roasting a Twinkie.

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