How to Turn Mason Jars Into Rustic Flower Vases

I’ve always liked using clear mason jars as flower vases but lately I felt that they needed a bit of personality. Inspired by some DIY ideas on Pinterest, I thought I’d give it a try to paint my mason jars and then scratch them up to give them a rustic country look. It’s very easy and takes barely any time!

STEP 1: Choose a paint colour of your choice (opt for a matte paint versus a glossy paint). Grab a paintbrush and a clean mason jar.



STEP 2: Paint your mason jar! It doesn’t have to be perfectly covered. In fact leaving some paintbrush streaks makes it look more rustic. 


STEP 3: Once the paint is completely dry, take a slightly damp cloth and gently rub the paint off the mason jar to give a worn out look, concentrating on areas that would naturally get worn like the curves and the top of the mason jar, and especially on the embossed labelling. For a more distressed effect, gently pat gold or brown paint on the mason jar using a dry sponge. I did this only on the green jar.


STEP 4: Add pretty flowers and enjoy!


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  1. This is a really charming idea, and it’s easy enough so that even I can do it. Thanks!

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