Country Chairs in an Urban Condo

I love receiving text messages from friends that say: “I found antique chairs for you”. That’s exactly the text I received when my friend spotted these beauties disposed on someone’s curb, which to me, is basically a silver platter.



I was planning on selling these chairs once I refurbished them, but I couldn’t help falling in love with its floral carvings. I gave such a homey and charming warmth to me. I pictured sitting on these chairs eating a warm apple pie or drinking a soothing herbal tea while flipping through a magazine in a country home.

Well, as timing played out, my boyfriend and I were moving in together in a downtown condo and we needed two chairs for our kitchen. Since we were both in budget-friendly mode, these chairs tagged along with us.  Even though I knew I could have made an easy sale on these, I was secretly happy we kept them for ourselves.

A few months after settling in, I gave my chairs a fresh coat of ivory paint that made the floral carvings stand out so beautifully. Although it kept the country flare, the bright colour gave a fresh clean look that blended well with the overall modern finishes of our condo.



I may not have baked an apple pie yet (although I make a mean chocolate chip banana bread), but these chairs definitely provided the cozy cottage vibes that we love all year round, no matter what fresh florals or seasonal harvest graced our table.


Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 6.54.54 PM


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