Life in the drawings of Yaoyao Ma Van As

One of the best things about discovering an artist is when their work speaks to you, straight to your heart. When you see your thoughts, your experiences, your emotions, basically your life, reflected through the artistic imagery of a complete stranger. That’s the kind of connection that makes art so unique.

I felt that way instantly when I stumbled upon Yaoyao Ma Van As, an illustrator who has a way of capturing the simple, insignificant, every day occurrences of our daily life.

She focuses mainly on time spent alone, which we never seem to think as special. But she does. And she reminds us that alone time is necessary and can be magical in our own little way.

Here’s a compilation of my favourite drawings, the ones that really spoke to me as I saw myself going through these moments, and they will most likely make me enjoy them a little bit more next time they happen.

When you find quiet in the middle of big city lights.
When you reward yourself with tasty batter after an afternoon of baking.
When you wake up to his heartbeat under a blanket of warmth.
When you care for your flowers.
When you make new friends at a park.
When you zone out, stare into the rainfall and let your mind wander, or halt, while sipping on some warm tea.
When you pamper your toes.
When you veg out on the couch.

When you catch the first sign of that crisp autumn air.

When you need to let it out.
When you stroll through the city at the brink of sunset.
When your clothes don’t fit anymore.
When you discover a cute local bakery.
When you unwind in a sea of warm bubbles.
When you plan your next adventure.
When you get dolled up for a night out – after trying on five different outfits, of course.
When you bask in the wonders of nature.
When you need a friend.
When you get an urge of inspiration and can’t stop.
When you enjoy that sun on your skin while you drift off in another world.
When that first snowfall arrives.

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