Tutu Skirt Decor for a Baby’s High Chair

A couple of weeks ago, I styled the First Birthday party of my best friend’s baby daughter. There were many elements that I loved about this party, the birthday girl being the main one since she is a scrumptious little bunny doll that I wanted to smush every chance I got.

Additionally to baby Chloe, the main highlight that captured everyone’s attention was this tutu skirt I made to dress up the birthday girl’s high chair. All the guests gushed over this whimsical tutu that was wrapped around the tray as the birthday girl ate her cupcake. I was so happy that my handmade-with-love crafting project was a success and suited baby Chloe’s adorable personality.

I can’t take full credit for the creativity since I saw the idea on Pinterest. This is the pin I got my inspiration from, and I instantly knew this is what I wanted to re-create. I knew this was going to be the statement decor highlight.


I love the way it turned out! The peachy-pink colour of the tutu tied in perfectly with the rose gold letters and the florals, and the overall whimsical Springtime theme.

To re-create this tutu skirt, I didn’t really follow a tutorial. I just studied the image screenshot from Pinterest and winged it, figuring out the steps as I went along. I neither took any “step-by-step” photos since I was focusing on the project, but it really is such a simple DIY project to accomplish. The best part is, it doesn’t require sewing!

All you need is a measuring tape to measure the part of the high chair you are covering,  glue gun, your fabric, your flowers, scissors, and masking tape to create the belt of your skirt and the tutu pleats. That’s pretty much it! Glue and tape and were literally the binding force behind this project. 


The best part about taking inspiration and making it your own is the freedom and flexibility you have to change a few things to make it unique to the person deserving of celebration.


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