Dark Moon Empress Halloween Costume

Halloween costumes are a favourite on this blog. From unicorn costumes to Ariel costumes, I always look forward to this time of the year to post about what creative direction I decided to venture into for Halloween.

This year was particularly fun because I got to be in my usual colourful costumes, and I also got to dive into my dark and mysterious side. And I really liked her.


As much as I love Cosplay and Disney princesses, I truly enjoyed embracing the mystery of tarot cards and crystal balls. I also really liked rocking black hair again, something I haven’t done since high school!


The costume itself was easy since I just put together a black outfit using my existing clothes: a black turtleneck, a black skirt and black lace pantyhose. The black hair, the accessories and the smokey makeup is what gave this costume its element of mystique.


The makeup look for this costume was all about the eyes. Dark, sultry and mysterious. And I had just the right palettes to achieve that look. People asked if I was wearing coloured eye contacts but nope, that’s my real eye colour! They just pop ridiculously against black hair, and black makeup. I also had a lamp shining on my face for these photos which accentuated the colour.


The dominant eye shadow palette for this look was the Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette (the same one I used for my Bellydancing Costume a few years ago!) and the Vasanti eyeshadow in Brasilia (sadly, this is discontinued!). I LOVE that eyeshadow. It is the ultimate smokey eyeshadow and I’m obsessed with the golden flecks.


Because all the shadows on my eyes were dark, I added a shimmer of brightness in the inner corner of my eyes using the appropriately-named shadow “Luna”, from the ABH Aurora Glow Kit (if this looks familiar, it’s because I used it for my Unicorn makeup last year!) I also added that white iridescent shimmer on the brow bone to balance out the look and not make it look too heavy.


For a serious pop of highlighter, nothing beats the ABH Amrezy highlighter (sorry I don’t have a link for this, it was limited edition!). Even the dark packaging with the golden stars was perfectly fitting.


Finally, this makeup look couldn’t be complete without dark lips. I considered using black lipstick, but somehow I kept getting pulled towards my favourite lip combination when it comes to a vampy pout: MAC Viva Glam III lipstick paired with the MAC Vino lip pencil.


Once all of this is put together, it’s time for magic. Happy Halloween! XO


XO 🌙

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