“Winter ONE-derland” Theme for a First Birthday

Leave it to the shortest month of the year to be packed with special occasions. Some of my most favourite people celebrated a milestone chapter in their life, succeeded a professional accomplishment, started a new job, and two very dear people to me have birthdays during this month. Basically, celebrating life is how this February felt like to me.

One of those special occasions was the First Birthday of my Maid of Honour’s adorable, cute-as-a-button baby boy. As the official event-styling Auntie, it was not hard for me to decide on a Winter cabin theme, fit for a baby who was born during a snowstorm.


Fun fact: February is far too late in the retail world to be looking for Winter decor. As of mid-January, all the stores had Easter and Spring merchandise out already, and even online party sites were sold out of anything that had snowflakes on it.

So accomplishing this theme forced a bit of creativity and a “let’s make it work with what we have” mentality. It was a mix of making DIY snowflakes, rummaging through my Christmas decor and hand-picking items that were not Christmassy (read: no reds, no greens and no Rudolph’s), and utilizing existing items like previously used banners and candle holders that all came together and achieved an airy, dreamy, cozy winter wonderland.


A mountain of all-white balloons (shout-out to my fiancé’s lung power for making this happen), cozy little fleece booties and evergreen balsam branches scattered on the table created that wintery, ski cabin theme.


Speaking of ski cabins and utilizing existing pieces, my signature hot chocolate bar made an appearance at this party, wooden sleigh and white mittens included. This seemed to be the favourite section for the sugar-craving toddlers and adults alike.


And finally, the ski cabin vibe was reflected the most on the high chair. Surprisingly, Dollarama had these cool wall stickers that looked like white-washed wooden panels. I stuck these panels on a bristle board and wrapped it along the edge of the high chair to create a cute “cabin throne” for the little one. Admittedly, this high chair decor was certainly not as detailed as the one I did for his older sister, but one thing I’ve learned from parents: sometimes you just gotta work smarter, not harder.


And even the birthday boy didn’t work hard to finish his cupcake. ❄️💙 

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