Appreciating the Now

As you may have noticed, it’s become a ritual here to wrap up my seasonal reflections in photos. And although Springtime in Canada is normally delayed well beyond what the calendar suggests, the mild weather lately has been a good enough reason for me to officially bid farewell to Winter on my blog (apologies in advance if I jinx this and it snows in April).

The start of this year has kept us away from our usual Winter ritual of binge-watching / snacking / cocooning. I mean, that’s still happening (currently Netlfixing Schitt’s Creek), only in much smaller frequencies than we’ve been known to do.

For starters, I’ve been taking a Product Management course. That’s right, your DIY-cake- baking-blogger is a Product Manager in-the-making. Just before the Holidays, I felt that I needed a boost in knowledge and career development, so as of January I’ve been developing product strategies, drafting prototypes and wrapping my head around agile methodology, Scrums and MVP’s. Fun fact: I’m still wrapping my head around it.

Secondly, as an updated continuation to my last post, we’ve made some progress in the wedding-planning department πŸ˜€ Our venue is booked, our photographer is booked and I casually started looking at wedding dresses. I’m happy to say that all my years creating colour-coded spreadsheets, detailed schedules and to-do lists are paying off. Apparently, being an organized Virgo makes wedding planning easy breezy.

So, as I’m simultaneously wrapping up my PM final project and drafting our Save The Date’s, I thought I’d recap the brief moments when time stood still, the in-between of our hustle and bustle. Appreciating the “now”, knowing that big changes are ahead.


xo πŸ’›βœ¨

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