Getty Museum Recreation

If there’s one positive thing to come out of this strange and uneasy time, it’s our ability to turn to creativity for our mental and emotional survival. Through memes, YouTube or TikTok videos circulating amongst our group chats and Zoom videos, our creativity has proven to comfort one another through comedy, relatability, inspiration and just plain old distraction.

The human mind and soul need a break from the statistics, the news, the politics, the restlessness, the worry and the aching void of emptiness that has surely sunken in by now. When the human mind is confined between 4 walls, boredom knocks and creativity answers.

That’s essentially the message behind the Getty Museum Challenge, an invitation to the bored masses to participate in a global art project. In other words, something fun to do during quarantine while learning a thing or two about art and history. 

Naturally, I couldn’t pass up a chance to play dress up and mirror the dames of the Victorian, Neo-Classical or Renaissance eras. It was a bit challenging finding exact titles and years, but the paintings I chose to recreate are from English painter John William Godward and Italian painter Gaetano de Martini.

Luckily, and all I had to do was grab a few of my flowy, ethereal garments and stage a  luscious palace, and my fiancé did the rest; directing me the way a Jack would direct his Rose. 

A siesta, 1895, John William Godward

Getty Museum Recreation Challenge 1

The Tambourine Girl, Gaetano de Martini

Getty Museum Recreation Challenge 2.jpg

Mischief and Repose, 1895, John William Godward

Getty Museum Recreation Challenge 3

Stay safe, and stay creative.

🎨 xo

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