Outdoor Therapy

In yesterday’s post, I highlighted the beauty found indoors while nestled at home. Today I’m highlighting the soul-soothing benefits of the outdoors even (or, especially) during a pandemic, social unrest or straight up uncertainty about the future.

Our condo does not have a balcony since we chose extra closet space and a kitchen pantry instead. No regrets have been made since but I’m not going to lie; as the weather started getting warmer in the middle of quarantine and we’d see our neighbours enjoy their weekend coffee, books, yoga stretches or video chats on their sunny balcony, we might have jokingly questioned if a pantry was the right decision.

Practicing gratitude made me appreciate and take advantage of something we do have to replace the lack of our own outdoor space: we have the lake.

Just a 10 minute walk away from our balcony-less condo is a peaceful escape right in the heart of the city. And to me, that is more than enough when it comes to stretching our legs and getting some air. The more I escape here, the more I appreciate that this is our “backyard”. If these times have taught me anything, it’s to not take simple pleasures for granted again.

My recent unemployment and the sunny weather lately has provided the perfect setting for hanging out by the park while listening to insightful podcasts or reading a book while getting sun-kissed.

Since the sun sets much later now, our evening walks have become a lot more frequent. Walking by a quiet marina that used to be loud and busy in previous years or being surrounded by echoing birdsong as the sky morphs into a pastel hue brings healing to the mind and soul.

Aside from the fresh air, serene views and the sound and breeze of the water, I am making it a goal to start running again. I have not run in three years after injuring my knee from a minor bicycle accident. But with spending my time people-watching and spotting joggers everywhere, I am committed to getting back into it.

The last two years I’ve been getting my exercise through spin class and my daily walks to work, but now…I’ll have to make an effort to break into an exhilarating sweat and tone up certain parts of me that got a little too cozy on the couch these last three months.

Until I get into a running routine, I’ll continue to enjoy the therapeutic calm that comes with sunshine, waves and gratitude.

XO ☀️ 🌊

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