On The Last Month of 2020

This morning, I flipped the last page of my 2020 calendar.

I vividly remember buying this desk calendar last December. It was a little errand I managed to squeeze in between the Holiday shopping, the planning and the socializing ahead.

I couldn’t wait to use this 2020 calendar – to flip over each month, revealing a floral design signalling the start of whichever occasion was marked for that month.

In August, I went back to my old office for the first time since lockdown to clean out my desk, and there stood this calendar.

It was parked in March. Seeing that gave me a strange pang.

When I sat at my office desk on March 1st, flipping the calendar page with my morning coffee in hand, I remember thinking pleasantly ”Spring is near”, and counting down the days to my bridal shower. I never thought that would be the month I’d lose my job in a looming global pandemic.

As I stood in the empty office with everything left intact and “March” staring back at me, it felt like I was revisiting a scene that stood still, frozen in time.

Today, as I flip the last page of this calendar, I’m feeling the opposite effect. This time….time had moved on.

Spring did come, and so did Summer and Fall. As did many heartfelt moments in between. These beautifully designed months in this floral calendar may not have happened as intended, but they came, and they happened.


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