One Year Ago Today

Pictures that show up in our “One Year Ago” reminders this week are gonna hit differently.

This picture was taken a year ago today. Saturday, March 7, 2020.

It left a pang in my heart.

My Mom and I had just come back from a coffee shop where we discussed bridal shower ideas, wedding decor and guest lists over lattes and tarts.

I told her June would be a perfect time for my Bridal Shower. I envisioned a simple but elegant Afternoon Tea as I showed her my Pinterest board for inspiration.

When she asked what I wanted to wear, I told her I was thinking of wearing her old wedding dress if it’ll fit me. She was so honoured.

When we got home, she dug up her wedding dress from her closet and hung it up for me in the guest room.

I looked at it with so much delight and excitement. I pictured flower crowns, lavender cookies and vintage teacups surrounded by my dearest female friends, my future family and my Mom and Grandma.

I was so happy to have crossed one thing off my wedding planning checklist.

Little did I know we would postpone our wedding because of a global pandemic.

Little did I know that Bridal Shower would never happen.

But as I look at this photo now, remembering all of this…little did I know this was the dress I’d get married in.

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