Lebanese Garden

Early mornings at my parents’ backyard always feel like an official new day.

The day wakes up with you. The bees quietly collect their nectar, birdsong breaks the silence of the air, and droplets from last night’s rain drip softly on the sleepy petals beneath.

The morning dew enhance the fragrance of the fresh rosemary and mint surrounding me. The fragrance of espresso follows.

The oven-fresh manoush, paired with tomatoes, cucumbers, labneh and hand-picked mint from the garden make this the perfect Lebanese spread.

The first bite of the manoush amongst the fresh herbs take me back to the mountains. But we are not in the mountains. We are right here in the backyard, enjoying quiet sips of coffee and morning sun rays peeking through the breezy trees towering over us.

I love it here. And this is how I will always remember it.

Happy Sunday ☀️

2 responses to “Lebanese Garden”

  1. Such simple yet powerful description of your time with your parents in their backyard. Now locked in the memory of all your sensory faculties.

    1. Thank you so much, Devi! 🙂 That’s exactly it, my senses want to record every little detail because it makes my soul happy. <3

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