Hair Makeover

My hair has been a signature topic on this blog. In fact, my most visited post is the one I wrote about this henna review.

In this blog, you’ll find posts about how I maintain my long curly hair, how I keep my red colour with henna, how I weaved white petals in my long hair for my wedding, and my overall persona is about living the mermaid hair life.

Well, last week, I chopped off my hair.

Many have asked how I feel.

Aside from loving the fresh new look and the convenient ease of having short hair (washing and drying takes half the time, effort and products!), I feel a deep sense of…freedom.

And here’s why.

For over a decade, my long hair has been a part of my identity. It was what I treasured as my femininity.

It was a signature feature that I felt proud to have. Strangers would stop me on the street to compliment my hair, family and friends showered me with admiration, and my husband found my long waves sexy.

My long hair felt like a unique crown I was born with.

But what many don’t know is that over the course of that decade, I also used my long hair to hide behind my insecurities. My nose. My acne. My acne scars. My ezcema. My body.

A body I was taught to despise since my adolescence.

My long hair was used as a blanket to cover the parts of my body I was ashamed of. Did you know that long hair is great to hide chubby arms and back rolls?

My long hair was an overcompensation to the other parts of me I didn’t feel so great about. Maybe if I have beautiful hair, they won’t stare at my stomach or thighs.

For someone who has struggled with weight and body image issues since I was 11 years old, my long hair was my ultimate security blanket.

It was time to let go of that.

My long hair was so special to me, and I had a lot of fun with her. But my attachment to it wasn’t helping me. In a way, it was holding me back.

It was time to remove that security blanket, and just be as I am. Acne scars, squishy curves and all.

Let go, and embrace change ✨ xo

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