Love Day for us all

My colleagues and I recently got into the conversation of how we used to spend Valentine’s Day when we were single.

It got me reminiscing on Single Nahya.

On Valentine’s Day, Single Nahya would book a massage or a luxurious pedicure and manicure session. Any form of relaxing spa experience was a special treat to myself, from myself.

I’d also wear my favourite perfume and my favourite shade of red or pink lipstick.

I’d indulge in my favourite delicacy, and I’d either go to the movie theatres with my gal pals, or have a nice meal at a restaurant with my family.

I never saw Valentine’s Day as a negative or a hopeless holiday when I was single.

And I owe this to my parents. Growing up, they always made this day special and made it more about love in general, not just romantic love.

I was lucky to feel love from friends and family on this day. I never felt alone.

Sure, there were some years that were hard to see couples in love if I was going through a break up.

And although I am happily married to my best friend now, there was a significant time in my life when I too went through loneliness, heartbreak, the feeling of being left out, or that I’d “never find love”.

But Valentine’s Day did not enhance those feelings for me. The opposite would happen.

It reminded me that I have the ability to love.

That my friends and family love me.

And that if I kept my heart open and stayed true to myself, some day someone will be a new addition to my existing little orbit of love.

Wishing you all kindness, growth, love and acceptance. ❤️

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