March blooms to soothe our soul

March. A tender month to return to.

These last few days have felt heavy again. It seems that we are constantly being pulled towards severe lows and fleeting highs. The lows seem to be the only thing that feels normal.

Today, I am choosing to document a high that made me smile today.

These stunning and fragrant sweet peas.

The newsletter for these flowers landed in my inbox and I thought to myself: “These are so beautiful. I’m going to order these for myself”.

No occasion. No reason. Just the mere desire (or need?) to have something bright delivered at my door.

The fragrance of these butterfly petals is what surprised me the most. I didn’t know sweet peas had this sweet fragrance of what smells like orange blossom to me.

My parents’ old house used to intersect with a street called “Sweet Pea Path”. All these years living near that street, and I never knew the name represented such a sweet aroma.

Perhaps ordering myself flowers is my way of gaining a bit of control and creating a space of beauty in a world where hope feels so out of reach, and time seems to slip through our hands.

We are all coping the best we can.

My favourite way to cope right now is looking ahead and seeing spring on the horizon. Grinding fresh coffee beans after a morning shower, sharing laughs with my colleagues, discovering a new recipe and holding my husband a little tighter every night.

It’s noticing how the extended 5pm sunshine spills into our living room window and makes its way to my eyes.

Happy March, friends.

xo 🌱

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