Easter Brunch

We hosted family brunch for Easter this year, and it was so nice to be able to do that again.

I hadn’t exercised that part of my brain in so long (since planning our wedding!) so it felt nice to plan a menu and put together a table setting.

If you’re well-acquainted with my blog, then you know that a big chunk of my post-pandemic blog posts covered hosting ideas, event styling ideas, party theme ideas and DIY event decor.

Looking back, it seems that hosting events pre-COVID was an opportunity for me decorate, try new recipes, create and complete a DIY projects, and share it to the world with a trending hashtag in hopes of inspiring someone with an idea.

Although I still find those elements of the planning process to be fun and a good occasion to apply my creativity and share it with the world, these days, I see hosting through a different lens.

Two years into the pandemic and not wanting to take our gatherings for granted, my focus shifted to a comfortable layout to enable joyful gathering and chatter.

And of course, good and easy-to-assemble food. Food always remains the focus, but I realize I don’t need to always prepare it from scratch.

Our brunch menu started with quiche appetizers and mixed green salad.We then had a bagel station, combining Scandinavian and Lebanese toppings. Smoked salmon, dill and onions, and labneh, cheese and cucumbers.

And finally, a mandatory patisserie station filled with maamoul, scones, croissants and my colourful fruit salad. The fruit salad is one that’s always been a hit at our family brunches. It’s an elegant salad made with orange slices, pomegranate seed, crumbled halva and a drizzle of honey.

As for decor, I kept it very simple. I used our grandmother’s vintage teacups and tablecloth, and fresh flowers filled the room.

So did laughter, stories and new dreams. 

Happy Easter and rebirth, friends.

xo 🥐🍊

2 responses to “Easter Brunch”

  1. Devi Benhasenn Avatar
    Devi Benhasenn

    So simple but elegantly decorated.
    I am certain that the bunny egg holder is a heirloom from grandma to mother and now, you. I love it.

    1. Thank you, Devi! 🙂 I am embracing simplicity a lot more these days. Haha, good eye! But actually, that little egg holder is a new piece! I got it from V de V Maison (https://www.vdevmaison.com/cuisine/piaces_de_service/29880). But the rest is authentically vintage!

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