Chasing Midsummer Sunsets

June 21, 2022.

My goal today was to see the sunset on the first day of Summer.

It had been a busy day at work, and instead of chasing deadlines, I just wanted to chase a sunset.

It was not only what my mind needed to decompress and unplug, but I felt it was also a symbolic quest to capture the sun in the sky, when it was the dedicated day for the sun to stay in the sky the longest.

We had tacos for dinner at our little taco place by the corner of the neighbourhood, and after our bellies were happily full with carnitas and al pastors, we began our quest.

But the skies looked cloudy and smoggy. We were doubtful we’d even get a sunset. As we we cut through the street to head down towards the lake, we were proven wrong. I spotted a coral glow touching the peek of a white Victorian roof. I smiled at the confirmation that we’d get a sunset.

We reached the end of the street and turned the corner heading west, and there she was. Glowing, beaming in gold light. Setting up for her grand departure, that somehow felt more like a debut.

We walked right into that beam of gold, crossed the bridge and arrived at the beach.

Pinks and violets appeared in the sky.

White swans swayed on the glassy blue-grey waves.

We found an empty bench on the boardwalk and settled there. We saw people, kids, dogs, walking, running, cycling, rollerblading.

We were all just here embracing summer. We were all just here unplugging and decompressing, too.

The pastel sky slowly turned warmer, and transitioned into a burst of coral palettes. It gave me a sudden burst of energy. I got a thrill knowing that the sun was preparing to do her performance during this magic hour, and she wouldn’t be here for long.

Now was the time to really embrace her.

But I looked around and no one else was really paying attention to the sky.

Even better, I had her all to myself.

How grand the sunset is, and how small we are in her comparison.

As the burst of colours eventually faded into greys and dark blues, we started heading home into the glow of city lights twinkling in the foreground of a dusky sky.

What a perfect way to end the first day of Summer.

“Thank you for chasing sunsets with me”, I tell him.

“No problem. I like it”.


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  1. Devi Benhasenn Avatar
    Devi Benhasenn

    Thank you for sharing the sunset with me 💝

    1. Always a pleasure, Devi! 🌞

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