My First Moon Rise

Day-to-day life these days have felt a little mundane.

You wake up, walk two steps to your home office, turn on your laptop and work 8+ hours in a virtual office.

Day in, day out.

Nothing new happens in a WFH cubicle type of life.

August 13, 2022: the first time in my life that I ever witnessed a moon rise.

To think that of all the thousands of times the moon has risen in the night sky, tonight was my first time seeing it happen.

“Cheers to new things”, our friend said as we sat on a driftwood log, making eye-to-eye contact with the curved orange glow on the pitch black horizon in front of us.

New things.

Tonight, a new experience was added to my life.

Maybe life isn’t so mundane after all.

Maybe we just need to be outside more, and see more of it. Be more in it.

We live on a fascinating little rock in space, and I wanna see more of it.

Have you ever seen the moon rise? What’s something new that you experienced lately?

xo 🌕

2 responses to “My First Moon Rise”

  1. Wow!! That experience must have been exhilarating for you.
    To answer your question- no I have never seen a moonrise. Nor the beginning of a sunrise or sunset either.
    I had to think hard about the latter. I had to think if on any of my early morning runs , you know the time of the morning when most of the world is still sleeping and only us crazy runners trying to beat the summer heat by getting in our 30km run in before the sun comes up?
    Yah. That.
    No. I don’t remember ever stopping to experience a sunrise.
    Thank you for bringing these to my knowledge. I will put on my “ must experience “ bucket list.
    Wow! A moonrise! Who knew?

    1. Omg, we were all excited about seeing that orange glow in the dark distance! None of us had experienced a moon rise that way, and we felt giddy like kids lol! Oh Devi, I do wish your eyes (and heart) will have the pleasure of catching a sunrise – I am sure it will happen! The location and season matters, too. I’m glad you were able to experience this moon rise with me here 🙂 xo

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