A Day at Vettä Nordic Spa

When we heard there would be a new Finnish spa opening up just two hours north of the city, me and my Finnish husband’s curiosity peaked.

Our life is certainly not void of a good Finnish spa; my in-laws have a fantastic sauna in their home, and we indulge in a good sweat session every time we visit.

Finding that perfect occasion to rent a car and drive out of the city, we headed to Vettä Nordic Spa for a day of hydrotherapy surrounded by nature.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather for an outdoor spa day at the end of October.

The sun was shining, the air was crisp but not windy, and the amber leaves had already fallen from the surrounding trees but lingered poetically on the ground.

The warm welcome

Upon arrival, Vettä truly does embody the Finnish aesthetic. The minimalistic colour palette was warmed up with pine wood, birch tree branches and fresh eucalyptus that greeted us at the front lobby. Admiring the wooden details of the high ceilings above me, I felt like I stepped into a remote Scandinavian location.

The most quintessential ode to Finland was the friendly host teaching us Finnish words and sauna etiquettes, and the gorgeous Marimekko wall hanging. The blue and white hues, a proud nod to the Finnish flag.

We arrived at 1:30pm, and it was busy. The morning crowd leaving was overlapping with the afternoon crowd arriving.

We told ourselves that next time, we wouldn’t come on a Saturday afternoon, and instead choose a quiet morning on a sleepy weekday. Even more reason for us to book our vacation time.

The Hydrotherapy experience

After changing into our spa robes and flips flops, we met by the waterfall and explored the lay of the hydrotherapy land. We did a few trial runs in most of the areas before sticking to the ones we enjoyed most.

With a book in one hand and my water bottle in the other, we spent 4 hours fluidly making our way between pools, saunas, outdoor and indoor fireplaces, relaxation rooms and hammocks in the outdoors.

Spa highlights

  • Sisu (large wood-burning sauna): This sauna was gorgeous. It had a big window overlooking the trees and bushes with two wood-burning sauna heaters in the middle of the room. It felt so grand, yet cozy. I already pictured ourselves back here in the Winter, staying toasty on the inside while having a view of snowy trees on the front the outside.
  • Minä (relaxation room): This was an enclosed quiet room with windows all around, and a gas burning fireplace in the middle. I happily nestled myself on a lounge chair positioned right by the fireplace, and spent two hours in here reading my book with no distractions. Just me, words on pages, and the fireplace warming up my feet.
  • Metsä Pool (warm relaxation pool): After finishing my book, I made my way to this warm relaxation pool just as golden hour began and the crowds started to leave. I remember seeing a patch of sun beam touching the pool and I immediately swam into that patch of light. I stayed there and fixated my eyes on the way the steam from the pool rose up to the sun. I, too, felt solar charged.
  • The hammocks: There are gorgeous hammocks scattered all around the spa grounds, but the one hammock I chose was the one that was in the 5pm glow. I swayed there contently, breathing in the slowness of this hour. It was the perfect moment to just be.

I did not go into any of the cold plunge pools, but I did utilize the handy cold plunge buckets outside the sauna. That water was intensely cold, but it was welcomed after sitting in a steaming, wood-burning sauna for 15 minutes.

Golden hour departure

After showering and getting dressed, golden hour had spilled into the lobby that previously greeted us in afternoon daylight. What a change in atmosphere that magic hour brings.

With warm cheeks and the windows rolled down, I smiled as we drove by this departure sign. One of the first Finnish words that my in-laws taught me was kiitos, which means thank you.

We are definitely coming back to Vettä Spa, and next time we’d love to come in the Winter. Having a picturesque canvas of snow surrounding us while we hop from sauna to sauna will really top off that ultimate Finnish experience.

Refreshed, relaxed and squeaky clean, we departed to our cozy dinner reservations as the late October sunset flickered behind the bare trees as we drove by.

How grateful I was to have spent an entire day in nature, giving my body and mind what she needed.

Kiitos, indeed.

I hope you find some time to slow down and just be during this season.


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