A Home Full of Flowers

When my husband asked me last Christmas what I wanted as my gift, I told him: “I want flowers in the house all year long”.

As you may recall in my post on how I cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder, I mentioned that fresh flowers or a subscription to a flower delivery service was a surefire way to boost my sun-chasing nature during the dark months.

So that’s what I put on my wish list.

He followed that wish list and got me a 3 month subscription to Make Lemonade’s Flower Drops for the months of January to March.

“I hope these flowers make you less sad in the winter”, he wrote on the card.

My heart smiled.

Having flowers delivered outside my door every month this winter has done me these wonders:

  • It made me happy.
  • The selection of flowers were absolutely gorgeous and I loved having them in my home.
  • There was something bright and colourful by the window during all the blizzards we had.
  • It boosted my morning routine. I changed the water, trimmed the stems, and rearranged a refreshed vase of flowers every other morning.
  • It made me appreciate the beauty I see in front of me in the present moment because I know it will be fleeting.
  • It felt nice tending to something delicate.

Each bouquet I received yielded enough florals to scatter around the apartment. Bright petals surrounded me by the window, on my desk, and on the kitchen table as a breakfast nook companion.

And even when the blooms passed their prime, I handpicked some remaining flowers to hang dry. The act of preserving flowers reminds me that beauty is present at any phase, if you choose to see it.

I used my preserved blooms as wall decor over my desk. It made me smile to have drops of yellows in the form of tiny little mimosa flowers and craspedias all around me.

“Sunshine on a stick”, I tell myself.

Below are the 3 gorgeous arrangements from Make Lemonade that graced their presence in my little home full of flowers.

January Flower Drops

An earthy array of wildflowers. Leafy evergreens, pink carnations and yellow craspedia balls popping colourfully on a white backdrop of snow.

February Flower Drops

A bright summer garden nestled in a Moroccan vase. Yellow roses, bold fuchsias and purples with a touch of delicate little daisies to balance it all out. My favourite item in that arrangement: a playful branch of tiny yellow mimosa flowers.

March Flower Drops

A whimsical delivery that looked like a painting. A dreamy arrangement of white tulips, velveteen ranunculus, pink snap dragons and chrysanthemum pom poms. The only things missing from this view was a paint brush.

April has begun, which means that for now, my flower subscription has wrapped up for the season. As my husband said, “I got you the 3 month subscription because I know you like buying your flowers in spring”.

You hear that? It is now spring.

Wishing you a beautiful new season of renewal and growth. Happy Spring 🌷

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  1. Love the tulips, Nahya! Especially the frayed ends, have never seen this variety before.

    1. Thank you, Dini!! 💜 I feel the same, they look like delicate cotton fabric! 🌷

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