Passport Recap: My Favourite Memories of Turkey

Below is a list of my blog posts on my trip to Turkey, including pictures, experiences and recommendations. Enjoy! IstanbulThe HaremTaksim, The Modern Side of IstanbulTurquoise Seas of AntalyaOur Turkish Hammam ExperienceThe Ancient Ruins of EphesusLunch at Sultanahmet KoftecisiAsia and Europe at The Same Time: A Ride on the BosporusThe Beautiful Heart of Turkish People (a story)

The Beautiful Heart of Turkish People

Storytime After landing at the airport in Izmir, we headed to the train station which was conveniently located at the airport (ahem, take note Toronto). Our hotel confirmation indicated that the the closest subway station to the hotel was Basmane station, which was only a “15 minute” train ride from the airport. As we bought our …