Lavender & Honey Shortbread Cookies

Of all of the content I've written on my blog, I have no doubt that "lavender" has been featured and tagged on here the most. I've talked about how good it smells, how lovely it looks and how it provides soothing wellness. Now I'm here to talk about how wonderful it tastes. Over the past years, … Continue reading Lavender & Honey Shortbread Cookies

For the Love of Lavender

The term "Like Mother, like Daughter" couldn't be more true when it comes to my Mom and I sharing the love for simple pleasures in life. In fact, adopting the joie de vivre philosophy in my life was always been influenced by her - she's always taught me to be humble, present, appreciative and grateful.   Part of … Continue reading For the Love of Lavender

DIY: Coconut Oil and Lavender Deodorant

In one of my Sex Ed classes in Grade 5, we were given educational kits which included a corny booklet on how our bodies would be changing and each of the girls received a sanitary pad and a Degree deodorant stick. I remember thinking how exciting it was to be introduced to such grown-up products and I eagerly tried … Continue reading DIY: Coconut Oil and Lavender Deodorant

How To Freshen Up A Room With Lavender

Recently I made a quick stop to Occitane en Provence and I was pleasantly thrilled to see that they sold bouquets of fresh lavender in the store. I thought it would be a great idea to add a touch of French rusticness to my shabby chic room, all the while inviting nostalgic childhood memories of me running around … Continue reading How To Freshen Up A Room With Lavender