Friends With Chairs

When my friend asked me if I could give her antique chair a little tender loving care, not only was I excited to revamp a piece of furniture (which I haven't done in so long and miss doing terribly), I was just so extra thrilled that a friend asked me to do it for her. … Continue reading Friends With Chairs


The Beauty I Find in Old Furniture

People often ask me why I like to paint old furniture. They associate this hobby of mine with my mesmerization of past eras that has drawn me to the vintage style and fashion culture. That is all accurate and true, but there is a deeper reason. The best way I can explain my love for … Continue reading The Beauty I Find in Old Furniture

Outdated Chairs Get a Pop of Colour

I picked up these chairs at a yard sale for $5.00 each. It was probably the most exciting furniture purchase I ever made till yet, not only because it was cheap, but because I looked past the horrible mustard velvet fabric and immediately knew what style I wanted to create. Deep purples, reds and black … Continue reading Outdated Chairs Get a Pop of Colour