DIY Bar Sign Using Stick-On Tiles

I have acquired the nickname “Crafting Owl” because my creative ideas seem to come to me late at night. I’ve been known to sporadically pull out my craft box and try to create whatever my mind is visualizing at that very moment, and it always seems to happen between the hours of 10pm-1am. I can’t explain it, that’s just how I function.

The night before our taco party, I suddenly had the urge to make a bar sign to hang above our bar. At first I was just going to use black cardboard and white chalk, but I felt this bar sign needed more colour and character. That’s when I remembered I have a collection of Mexican-style tile decals that I picked up years ago from a local dollar store. Our taco night was the perfect occasion to use them.

Alternatively to a taco night, this type of sign can be used for a backyard party, a destination wedding, or if you want to add a little boho accent piece to your kitchen wall, your powder room, a door or anywhere your heart desires!

All you need to make this sign are tile decals, a black cardboard, a jumbo white Sharpie marker and some tape.


Using the cardboard from the tile decal packaging is a perfect way to re-use material, and it provides a solid foundation base to place the tiles.


Place the tiles on the white cardboard as you want them, and when you’re happy with the layout, peel and stick them on the white cardboard. Cut out the extra piece of empty cardboard after you’re done sticking your tiles.

NOTE: these stickers are incredibly adhesive. They latch on immediately, so be very slow and precise with your application to make sure the tiles are applied as straight and even as possible.


For the actual sign, cut out a black cardboard paper accordingly to the size of your tiles. In my case, the perimeter of my tile background was 20″ x 10″ so I made the cardboard 15″ x 7″. The purpose of the tiles is to create a “frame” around the “chalkboard”. At least that’s what I was going for.


With your jumbo white Sharpie, write out whatever fun or quirky message you want on the black cardboard, tape it on your tiles and voilà, you’re done!


Tape your new sign above your bar to let your amigos know where to find the beer 🙂


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