Mermaid Pool Party

The heatwaves this summer have been pretty intense. But if you look at your rosé glass half full, heatwaves are the perfect excuse to host/organize/attend a pool party. You know when it's so hot and humid that you tell yourself, "Man, I could just jump in a pool right now"? Well, I figured why not … Continue reading Mermaid Pool Party

DIY Bar Sign Using Mexican Tiles

I have acquired the nickname "Crafting Owl" because my creative ideas seem to come to me late at night. I've been known to sporadically pull out my craft box and try to create whatever my mind is visualizing at that very moment, and it always seems to happen between the hours of 10pm-1am. I can't … Continue reading DIY Bar Sign Using Mexican Tiles

Fiesta Decor for Taco Nights

Apparently, a game night soirée was long overdue as our friends kindly reminded us (ahem, requested). The last game night we hosted was simple and cozy: I made homemade lasagna, and red wine and Cards Against Humanity were enjoyed until the wee hours of the morning. This year we wanted to try out the game … Continue reading Fiesta Decor for Taco Nights