The Healing Touch of Sky and Water

It’s funny how things turn out sometimes.

I was just telling my friend the other day that this week has felt so dreary. So unmotivating. So…depressing.

Surely, this doesn’t sound like anything new for all of us living (read: surviving) in 2020. But for those of us residing in the Northern Hemisphere, prone to the November Blues, sinking into that deep “blah” that is November feels extra dreadful in 2020.

There’s just something about that November time change, that November stillness, that November drag, that November sky that darkens a lot sooner, cutting daylight in half.

That November lull that drains out mental and emotional energy, day in, and day out.

Having to adjust to a new job remotely at the same period that this November lull was creeping in, just felt extra….tiring.

But then, just like that, on a Saturday afternoon, stepping outside for the first time in five days, I got a front row seat to a performance of colours.

Golden sun rays glistened on swaying blue waves.

I saw oranges, pinks and purples greeting the sky instead of the dark greys I’ve been accustomed to.

I said hello to my favourite lake.

Sitting on the lakeshore rocks with my husband sitting next to me, we silently gazed out at the glowing horizon. Looking at the same sun, feeling more in unison.

Reunited once again with this view, and these sounds, lulling me to a calm.

Breathing in. Breathing out. Breathing in again. This time, a little more deeply.

Dark skies were forgotten.

A little reset button was pressed.


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