Christmas Hygge

Hygge: a cozy quality that makes a person feel content and comfortable.

Pronounced: hue-guh
Origin: Danish

For a second year in a row, Christmas doesn’t really feel like Christmas. With the pandemic still dragging on, gatherings with loved ones are not encouraged, morale is low and feelings of pandemic fatigue are still very much a part of our reality.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t create cheerful or comforting corners in our home.

If anything, I think we need it more than ever. Even if it’s just our lonesome selves basking in the festive twinkle of a decorated tree or the aroma of freshly baked cookies plated on your favourite ceramics.

And as far as I understand it, that’s precisely the intention of hygge. Creating a corner, a space, a feeling of peace and coziness. Corners that make you slow down, look around, and breathe in the present state of just being. Hygge is an invitation to slow living.

In the past, I published my Christmas decor style – back in the bygone days of Holiday parties and family brunches.

This time around, I’m sharing the simple ways I’ve created little pockets of Christmas hygge that make staying home a lot more inviting and enables contentment.

The kitchen

Aromatic Christmas spices, red cappuccino cups, pasta and wine on repeat.

The living room

Velvet socks and knitted blankets, Scandinavian prints, cedar branches and red berries, early morning sunrise, and the scent of an old book.

Christmas lights

Golden twinkles that lull you to sleep, a little white house, a mouse wearing a sweater, and flickering candles.


Handwritten hugs en route to friends’ mailboxes, stamp collections, old cards decorated in a garland, gift wrap scented of cedar, oranges, cinnamon and pine.


Knitted ivory, ice blue sparkle and mittens warmed by the hug of a Nutella latte.

Wishing you peace and wellness. Stay safe and cozy, dear readers.

xo ❄️✨

2 responses to “Christmas Hygge”

  1. Girl, you’re hired as my wedding planner. Aah.. as a soon as I find my husband.
    Seriously, you’re hired.
    I love your simple but elegant taste with a personal touch. Just my style.
    Love love ❤️ this
    Devi B

    1. Haha, it would be my honour! ☺️✨ You name it, I’ll create it! Thank you so much! 🥰

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